About Happy Dog Bespoke Bakery

Hi. My name is Teresa, and I am the founder of The Happy Dog Bespoke Bakery which is a business dedicated to producing home-baked, all-natural dog treats named Better Biscuits. Here at The Happy Dog Bespoke Bakery, we understand the joy dogs bring to their families all around the world and the power they have to change lives for the better.

We are motivated by a desire to return the favour and so our treats are designed with your dog’s health and happiness first and foremost in mind.

Better Biscuits is based in Cashel, Co. Tipperary, found at the foot of the famed Medieval structure known as The Rock of Cashel and surrounded by rolling green fields. This lush countryside known as The Golden Vale is prime farmland and it yields our locally sourced beef.

Cashel is where I grew up and it is also where I raised my family. The baby of the family is our springer, Dash, who is centered in our logo as he was the inspiration behind the project.

When Dash was only nine weeks old he became very ill. This necessitated surgery which thankfully went well but it also prompted us to pay even closer attention to his diet, so we could ensure he was obtaining the nutrients necessary for him to have the easiest and speediest recovery possible.

After examining their ingredients in many brand name dog treats, we were surprised to learn that this was not the case. I have always loved baking for my family and seeing no reason why the dogs could not be included in this, I decided to start making my own.

Our quest to keep tails wagging began with extensive research into canine dietary requirements. We consulted with experts in pet nutrition before selecting the ingredients we felt would best provide optimal health benefits, without sacrificing on taste.

I had a lot of fun experimenting with different cooking techniques to create the first of our recipes, and the dogs were only too happy to act as taste testers. It was a big hit with Dash, as well as with his older brother Zeus, our seven-year-old Staffie, and older sister Pippa, our six-year-old Cavachon.

We are a family of dog lovers, and it was my daughter Aisling who first brought Dash here to live. She now runs the Happy Tails Daycare center in Middleton, alongside her partner Emmett and my son Séan, where they have dogs of all shapes and sizes and with all manner of requirements pass through their doors.

Seeing what a success the treats had been with our dogs, she asked if I could make something to suit dogs with varied allergies, sensitivities, and anxieties, which is how I came to create the remainder of our seven recipes.

After seeing the delight that our nutritious treats brought the dogs and having experienced the peace of mind knowing exactly what they contain has brought us, it seemed only natural to share this with others and so I began to set up The Happy Dog Bespoke Bakery.

Having gotten my recipes lab tested and licensed by the Department of Agriculture, and organised resealable packaging that aligns with our eco-friendly ethos, our treats are now ready to make their way to you and your pet, so you too can experience a Better Biscuit.